Digital Transformation – written by Aditi Rana


The advent of technology has made it important for organizations to keep themselves updated with the digital transformation of their workspace. This is because the adoption of digital transformation holds the capability to improve the efficiency of any workspace and make the business competitive. It not only makes a positive impact on the employees but also on the customers. The performance of the employees improves, making them more productive while also providing digital spaces to customers. This makes it easy for them to access the services of the companies from the comfort of their homes, guarantees a better customer service experience and helps in retaining the customer base. . Although digital transformation is a major factor in enhancing the efficiency of the firm or a company, it is accompanied with its own sets of challenges. Digital transformation is a continuous process, and to adapt to it, companies are signing into constant change, thus incurring a great deal of expenses. Also, since change is an ongoing process, transformation takes time and cannot be accomplished immediately.

Digital transformation , has increased the importance of data has manifold. And data has made it to the list of the most common intangible assets. In today’s business scenario, it has become very clear that the customer data collected by organizations is of the utmost importance, and thus one of the most useful assets. So, it is very important that companies have the access to the right kind of accurate data for effective and efficient decision making. We can say data is something that helps the businesses enhance the user experience. Any business that wishes to grow cannot sit back without working on the same. Data is the need of the hour and one of the most important assets to grow our way into the future.


The Cardinal Carnation Group understands that not every business can accommodate to these growing requirements on their own and therefore, has become a partner for many organizations, in their journey towards digitization of their workspace. The company provides all the major services that any business might require, including better digital presence, better customer experience, modernized legacy processes, faster and accurate data insights, improved productivity and increased efficiency and productivity.

Our team of experts creates business models that fit the company culture and create value, at the same time, synchronizing databases across the organization. The team also ensures that the data is efficiently managed, stored, and processed while providing a better service quality. With these services our technical experts help organizations become data-driven by transitioning to cutting edge technical platforms. CCG also analyzes, strategizes, and streamlines the IT processes for businesses, and provides expert and effective IT strategy along with the right guidance to businesses. The company believes that true digital transformation can be achieved only when all the organizations across industries move in the same direction and digitize their workspace.

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