Who We Are


Carnation Infotech Pvt Ltd is a part of Cardinal Carnation Group consisting of Cardinal Integrated Technologies Inc based in NJ USA and Carnation Infotech Pvt Ltd HQ in Lucknow, India.

Cardinal Carnation Group is a global technology provider and offers leading-edge intelligent technical solutions to businesses and organizations. Over the past decade, we have enabled and accelerated digital adoption for a plethora of clients across multiple industries. With our mission to offer highest quality in our services to meet the needs of our clients, we have spearheaded the creation and design of numerous IT solutions tailored for modern digital business needs of clients across the globe.

Our expertise and experience have helped us create value through a global delivery model which operates on the paradigm of high value at a low cost and the promise to pass on the cost advantage to our clients resulting in a significantly higher ROI compared to the competition.

The Beginning

Carnation Infotech is the Indian counterpart of the US-based company, Cardinal Integrated Technologies, which was founded in 2012 with the aim to help businesses overcome their problems by utilizing the power of software solutions. Together, the Cardinal Carnation Group has now grown from a small team of software experts into a family of more than 300 brilliant techies that deliver quality results, catering to a wide variety of industries, including startups, multidisciplinary firms, enterprises, and other major businesses.

Carnation Infotech

Carnation Infotech started out as an IT Service provider. Since then, the company has spearheaded the creation and design of numerous IT solutions, tailored software products to meet the needs of businesses across the globe, and helped them in digital transformation. However, we believe that people are the most valuable assets, and our strong delivery capability stems from our people. In addition to the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of our clients, we also strive to keep our workforce contented and engaged. We acknowledge the need to deliver a positive experience and environment to our employees. At Carnation Infotech, we understand that for today’s workforce, it is the right balance among several factors, such as compensation, monetary and non-monetary perks, and the work culture that attracts them to be a part of the organization. Therefore, we have built our company around the people and succeeded with them because happy employees mean a successful company. The point is clear—we care for our employees.