Why Carnation


Our People

Carnation InfoTech is an employee centric organization. Here we believe that the essence of an organization lies in the people that work for it and shape it into what the world perceives it to be. And thus, for us employees are our most important assets.

Our Culture

At Carnation, building a gratifying work environment and a
positive culture is most important to us.

These are our cultural tenets



We believe that building a strong company culture and a positive work environment begins with transparency. Therefore, we make sure that there is no lack of communication or insecurity among the employees, and everyone has clarity on where they stand, what are the company goals, and what is expected of them.




Our ethical values of honesty, respect, and equality are evident in our leadership as well as the workforce. Our ethical culture has brought our team together, created a healthy work environment, and has helped our employees make informed decisions.



We make sure our employees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels so that they may work in harmony, deliver better results, and contribute to the overall success of the company.



We believe in a positive culture based on support, guidance, and mentoring where colleagues and senior leaders help team members utilize their skills and build each other up to work and achieve the same goals.

Work-Life Balance

We believe in creating a balanced lifestyle and environment for the employees so that they may flourish both professionally and personally. The lack of work-life balance can derail the growth journey of the employees and thus the organization. For us as a company, the work-life balance of our employees is of paramount importance. We believe that we are exceptional because of our people. So, we offer an exceptional work-life balance to them which include:


Generous paid vacation


Personal time off


A positive environment


Wellbeing time


Team outings & Celebrations



Today’s workforce is ambitious, smart and energetic. Therefore, superior benefit-packages can lead to more productive and motivated workforce. Our motto ‘Let IT bloom’ not only applies to our customers but holds true for our employees too. For this reason, we provide comprehensive employee benefits. We offer benefits that make our employees feel valued, appreciated and rewarded for their hard work. These include:

  • Retirement plans
  • Performance bonus
  • Corporate discounts (discounts offered to employees on the original price)
  • Health/dental/vision insurance
  • Wellness programs
  • Student/tuition loan payment
  • Relocation and housing options
  • WFH/Commuting benefits
  • Maternity leaves
  • Paid time off/paid vacation

Apart from the generous vacation time, we recognize 18 public holidays giving employees enough time to recharge and refresh.


Equal Opportunities

Equality not only refers to the lack of discrimination in workplace but also the access to equal opportunities. This means that in addition to being treated fairly during recruitment and employment, all employees also have a fair chance to grow and learn. We, as a company, take pride in maintaining an open, balanced and supportive culture that provides equal opportunities to all irrespective of their gender, caste, colour, race, religion or age. We believe in evaluating the people on their skills, experience and provide our workers the freedom to try out different roles and do their job in an uninhibited way. Our employees receive a supportive environment that ensures equal chances to learn, explore, enhance skills and progress in their careers. As a result, this helps diminish the prejudiced and orthodox thought process, ensuring each employee feels safe, empowered and valued.