CRM & Marketing Technology

In a time when consumers expect instant solutions from their service providers, for most organizations, fast, digitally enhanced interactions with customers
have become an important aspect of their customer retention and success. This requires reimagining and redefining the ways organizations interact with customers.
The versatile, hassle-free tools of CRM Service have made it easy for organizations to meet the needs of their customers and make their marketing effective.
This has led to it being used widely, across a plethora of industries. Our CRM and marketing solutions help with this and more. We leverage techniques
that put the customer at the centre of everything. We help enterprises transform, initiate, and improve their CRM services to increase sales,
improve customer services, and enhance productivity—all of this while increasing time-to-market and reducing operational costs.

With our CRM services, we bring


Enhanced sales


Reduced manual efforts across sales, marketing, and customer service


Better support and management
of tasks and data


Improved customer


Salesforce implementation and integration

Customer engagement is a crucial factor in business growth and success, and the growing data generation of customers has made it essential for businesses to leverage a platform that helps them make use of this data. One of the best CRM platforms is Salesforce. We work quickly and closely with organizations to understand their needs and achieve their goals through carefully crafted implementation and integration of the disparate systems, software and services of organizations with Salesforce for improved data access and collaboration.

Salesforce customization and development

Sometimes, small and big imperfections in Salesforce solutions can hinder the productivity of users. This negatively affects their revenue. We help to remedy this situation and improve the Salesforce user experience for organizations. We understand the company workflow system and give it the most effective solution to run its business seamlessly. Our expert team of developers provides Salesforce developments and customizations that simplify and automate the business to achieve better ROI and prevent any silos that hinder the growth of the company.


Salesforce CRM testing

Organizations may often need to adjust several salesforce functions to meet the needs of their business. However, though customization is essential, it can disrupt other functionalities of the platform. At Carnation, we offer unmatched Salesforce CRM testing services that ensure accuracy, flawlessness, and reduced testing time to prevent organizations from losing customers due to system errors and help them garner optimum benefits of the CRM system.

Salesforce support and maintenance

It is our belief that customer satisfaction is the key to succeeding in business. Therefore, our team of Salesforce consultants understands the requirements of businesses and provides 24x7 salesforce CRM support and maintenance services tailored to suit them. With over a decade of expertise in keeping the performance of salesforce solutions high and smooth, we help resolve the issues through our comprehensive range of salesforce maintenance services. We offer constant support, maintenance, and ongoing advice to ensure smooth workflow using Salesforce CRM for the best results.