Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

The intensely competitive financial services business is stretched far beyond the traditional banking industry. With banks
offering insurance products, insurance companies starting their own hedge funds, and brokerage companies trying to move
into the traditional insurance business, retaining customers is a strategic initiative to maintain market positions. Demanding
customers with the power of the Internet have made it imperative for Financial Institutions to move away from manual
processing toward automation resulting in compressed settlement time frames. We at Carnation understand these
needs and provide the best solutions covering all the sectors.




The digital revolution has enabled new ways of interaction. We help businesses embrace this digital change to build greater customer loyalty and drive more revenue. Our insurance solutions help modernize legacy systems, give improved business agility, insights, operational effectiveness, management of risk and fraud, and reduce the cost of manual processes.



Investment Banking

The changing customer preferences across financial services market has made it essential to digitize the business operations. Our team of technology experts helps modernize the existing legacy systems and provide investment banking software solutions to accelerate efficient front and back-office investment banking operations, assist in enhancing business operations, measure and mitigate the risks, and attain better productivity.




We provide smart technology solutions for Fintech industries to help them scale their operations, modernize their functions, and provide services that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. Our knowledge of finance functions and capital markets combined with our expertise of developing innovative IT solutions, gives us the ability to deliver comprehensive consulting services and key technology acceleration solutions to organizations.