CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Carnation, we understand the impact businesses can have on the environment, the people, and the world
around them. We are passionate about caring for issues outside our business and the communities that
surround it. Hence, we prioritize our CSR activities that include focusing on the holistic health
of our environment, societies as well as our employees.


For the community and environment

  • We promote sustainability and have made it an essential component of our branding

  • We make efforts to reduce our carbon emissions

  • We promote recycling and encourage minimal use of paper

  • We reduce the environmental footprint by promoting virtual meets and seminars

  • We have made it a practice to give back to society through fundraising and charity and encourage our employees to do so too

For employees

  • We have implemented policies that strengthen our employees’ rights

  • We offer equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, age, or identity

  • We make sure that our work policies support their work-life balance and improve their quality of life

  • We offer extended maternity leaves, time off for festivities, and wellness support


Annapurna drives to fight childhood hunger

According to a study, over thirty-three lakh children in India are malnourished. This adversely affects their development, impedes their growth, and leaves them too tired to focus on studies or any developmental activity. The families of these underprivileged children live in extreme poverty, have meager incomes, and are incapable of fulfilling their basic needs for survival.

Therefore, Cardinal Carnation Group (CCG) has taken the responsibility of helping needy children through its ‘Annapurna Initiative’. As a part of this initiative, a team of volunteers from the organization, along with the members of the Robinhood Army, regularly visit the Robinhood Academy to donate food to needy children. The children that assemble at the academy-designated venue are distributed pre-packed nutritional food, water bottles, and stationery among other items of use. This also gives the team members a chance to engage with the children, understand their problems, and make efforts to address them. To continue the hunger-fighting efforts, CCG conducts this drive every month.

Cardinal Carnation Group believes that everyone in society deserves access to the necessities of life and its purpose of providing equality to the underprivileged is what pushes this initiative. Regular food drives are aimed at realizing this purpose. However, this initiative is not solely about food distribution, but also about listening and understanding the problems these children go through. Therefore, with every drive, the mission to help these children widens.


Education drives for poor children

As per the latest data from UDISE, the total number of schools in India is 15.1 lakh. Among these, the number of government schools in India was 10.32 Lakh in the academic year 2020-21. Even with the huge number of schools and several education policies as well as schemes in place, countless children remain uneducated, and hence, unemployed.

Keeping this in mind, CCG also conducts education drives, where professional trainers from the company interact with the children and train them on various topics such as wellness, IT, and general awareness. Apart from this, books and stationery are also distributed among the children. This will help more children attend school and resolve issues that could be a reason for the lack of education.


Health and wellness drives for needy children

To help the children overcome their day-to-day challenges brought about by the lack of proper clothing, the group also aims to help them through clothes distribution drives. CCG intends to distribute gifts and toys as well to the children from time to time. Other such initiatives including children’s wellness drives, health drives, and basic amenities drives are being set up in the coming months.


Holistic development of poor, and needy children

With poverty, hunger, and lack of education making life hopeless for these young children, the Annapurna Food Distribution and other Drives from CCG become critically important for the children who are the ‘future’ of the country. These drives have been instrumental in providing food to hundreds of needy children across Lucknow. So far, CCG has distributed more than 500 meals and is striving to increase its reach.

With poverty continually affecting people all around the globe, CCG aims to continue doing its bit and looking after the less fortunate section of society. The ultimate goal of these drives is to add happiness and contentment to the lives of these children while also guiding them in such a way that they are future-ready.

In a technology-driven age where profit margins are shrinking and cost is rising, the most corporate focus is on sustainability and growth. However, Cardinal Carnation Group also strives to serve a greater purpose of serving society which constitutes the very fabric of its workforce.