24x7 Helpdesk &
Customer Support

With organizations functional 24x7 and working across the globe, any technical glitch or the need for technical assistance can rise at any hour of the day. Any malfunctioning can create numerous issues for the business as well as the employees, resulting in loss of revenue and inefficient operations. Therefore, 24/7 completely managed IT services are required to help reduce operational costs and boost customer service. Carnation is the one-stop-shop for all IT support needs.

We implement powerful technology solutions to mitigate many of the company’s most pressing operational problems while avoiding the costly downtime that can affect its profitability. Staffed with our dedicated in-house technical team, we are always available to solve problems and answer questions. Our 24x7 Helpdesk & Customer Support is staffed with certified network engineers who are prepared to immediately assist the users. We provide an entire support infrastructure, including:

Knowledgeable, certified, in-house staff   |   24x7 Online live support   |   Single point of contact provided   |   Multi-technology support   |   Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution