Education is one of the major sectors that have highly benefitted by digitization. The traditional model of classroom-based learning is no longer the only choice. At Carnation, we have a deep understanding of this rapidly growing industry that demands not only a high level of domain expertise but also a high degree of skill in technologies that are required for delivering high-quality Ed-Tech solutions. Our close association with some of the leading learning organizations and online universities of the world has allowed us to develop the unmatched domain and technical expertise that is required in this field. We ensure that the students get the same or better experience than what they acquired through traditional classrooms.

Students, the world over, are increasingly looking for alternative modes of learning that suit their lifestyles better in today’s world. Out of the several business models that have evolved, E-Learning is by far the most promising and best suited for delivering knowledge in the digital age. More and more organizations and institutions have adapted to take advantage and new adopters are constantly getting added to the list.




We help enhance the experience of each student and educator with a holistic solutions approach that focuses on technology to enable personalized learning, connected, and efficient classrooms, and a secure, powerful IT infrastructure.



Higher Education

We combine IT tools and educational practices to help facilitate and enhance remote and hybrid learning for all age groups. We create robust digital learning systems that have the potential to improve higher education and enhance student learning and achievement.




We help publishers by developing easy to update tech-based systems and platforms that power their content and transform it making it creative, engaging, and suitable for the digital world. This, in turn, helps learners connect with valuable learning content, enhancing their learning experience and providing a superior user experience.




We bring innovative delivery models, cost-effective business solutions, and IT services that help organizations adapt to the new norm of e-learning, increase margins, and meet the changing needs of students as well as teachers.



Training & Development

The training and development industry has seen some radical changes over the last few years. We help organizations offer learning programs that keep their employees updated and prepared for newer opportunities.




We offer suitable, cost-effective IT solutions to organizations that focus on providing useful and engaging professional development courses to learners by improving their expertise and skills in the programs of their choice.



Test Preparation

We offer affordable and innovative test preparation solutions with personalized formats that seamlessly integrate with the existing platforms of organizations, deliver assessments online and facilitate evaluations. We impart competencies and creativity desired by the clients resulting in high engagement, retention, and productivity.